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IV Hydration & Medical Spa in Miami Beach Centro de Salud y Hidratación IV


I'm a believer...

I felt horrible for 2 days, body ached, itchy eyes, nauseated...I took the cold/flu bag and began feeling better right away!  I slept better and was able to go to work the next morning.  I hated being sick, but glad I found a solution.  Thank you Nüvo You!!--Erick

Thank you!

Excellent service. The IV fluids and vitamins helped take away hangover symptoms almost immediately once the infusion was completed. Very convenient that they provide a mobile service and was not expensive compared to other similar services. The person who did the IV is a physician, he was very professional, had a great bedside manner. Takes about 30-40 mins for the fluid treatment to finish and well worth the time. I will be definitely calling again to use this service.--Joseph K.

Couldn't be happier!

I could not be happier with this service! Feeling amazing this morning thanks to my detox & vitamin IV infusion. After the age of 25 , hangovers are completely unbearable. I feel I need two full days to recover from a night out with friends. Yesterday after going hard drinking with friends , I called Nüvo You. Within minutes, there was a physician at my door, equipped with all supplies necessary for a comfortable, efficient home IV treatment. I am the worst patient when it comes to getting blood drawn, I hate needles ! Dr. Sabbani made me feel immediately at ease with his great bedside manner. He explained in detail how the treatment works. He started my IV on the first attempt and even prepped the area with a topical lidocaine spray, I didn't feel any discomfort ! It was so convenient being in the comfort of my own home , receiving my treatment. The treatment consisted of IV fluids, vitamins and minerals and lasted about 30 minutes. I instantly felt the benefits of hydration. This morning, I woke up feeling well rested and rejuvenated. No hangover ! I honestly did not even feel like I went out last night. I would recommend this treatment as a hangover treatment and prevention. Having the luxury of having this treatment at home was so convenient. It was very economic compared to other companies in the area offering IV treatments. I would absolutely recommend and will do again. I've found the hangover cure and am ready to rally again !--Janelle K.